Adware is a close relative of spyware and often unknowingly installed when downloading other software. You can say, it is similar to spyware, but does not transmit personally identifiable information, or at least the collector promises not to sell it. Adware is also often a side-effect of spyware, as both monitor you for a sole purpose delivering you advertisements that are especially tailored to your habits.

Where You Can Find Adware

Adware is commonly installed on a computer with free programs to help support the development of that program. Adware is usually available via free downloads from the Internet. Adware is also find often bundled with free software that provides some functionality to the user, with or embedded within freeware and utilitarian programs like:

  • filesharing applications
  • search utilities
  • information-providing programs, such as clocks, messengers, alerts, weather, and so on
  • software, such as screensavers, cartoon cursors, backgrounds, sounds, etc.

Why There Is Adware

Adware become a legitimate form of income for many developers, who let you use their program in exchange for showing you ads. In other words, adware is like:

  • software which is designed to serve advertising to the computer user.
  • software that is installed on your computer to show you advertisements, both good and bad.
  • a program that displays advertisements on the computer whether you want them or not.
  • designed to collect information about you and your browsing habits in order to display targeted advertising.

Adware is a less threatening sort of program. It is NOT a virus and may or may not be detected by anti-virus scanning programs. Adware is legal so long as it is installed without hacking and only legitimate when the user is informed up front that they will be served ads.

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